OK so there are a lot of people still using shunts on jobs. Is this just frowned upon by the odd level three or is this a serious risk to yourself and your other work colleagues. Lets do some research and find out.


A simple google search for “are shunts to be used in rope access” gave a result from Petzl themselves, stating:

“Previous Petzl statements required special training for this specific use of the Petzl Shunt. The lack of any described methods or special training therefore makes these previous Petzl statements obsolete.
As a measure of precaution, Petzl recommends to NOT use the Petzl Shunt, while towed by a cord, as a back-up device in rope access.”

So there you have it straight from Petzl. Petzl state that they recommend you not to use a shunt as a backup device in for rope access. Rope works will only use back up devices from approved suppliers which conform to EN IS and BN standards.